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Lord Buddah : Children Health Center

¹ 2007-01-01 @ 00:01 

LBCH being a non-government, non-profitable, non-political and pro-public social organization is committed towards the upliftment of helpless orphan children in Nepal. It was established in 2006. LBCH is located at Kathmandu, Nepal – a suburb of the capital city of Nepal. The organization has the commitment to shape up the futures of orphans.
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The organisation is motivated to create a culture free of suppression, illiteracy, child labour, inequality, poverty, cast discrimination and ignorance. It envisages an enlightened Nepali society where there is equal opportunity for children to develop skills. It promotes community action and children’s empowerment through their active participation or involvement. It is aimed to bring about all-round progress and advancement among orphans and other children from devastated family situations, so that in future they could make contribution for the development of the nation and providing children with all facilities for the fulfilment of their basic needs so that they could be brought up as citizens with sound mind and healthy physique.
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